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In this essay i will be explaining why disagree with the statement “Is it sometimes right to prevent scientific development and discovery” I will be doing at least over 700 words explaining why i disagree with this statement.

Lets look back at our past, Without scientific discovery, where would we be now? Modern transport wouldn’t even be close to what it is now, Imagine if the Wright brothers never built that plane, You wouldn’t be able to experience what our ancestors dreamed of, Cars would be horses, Plagues would be rotting our streets people in many different countries, Without it we would be stuck in a unfair, cruel world, Racism wouldn’t be a crime, Gay people would not have fair legalized marriage, it would be a disaster! Just think about how lucky you really are! Now we’ve looked at our past, lets look at our future.

What would you do if your kids had the same phone as you currently have, I know this is exaggerated but how would you like to have the same phone, the same TV and even the same software, Imagine video games are the same, Grand theft auto 5 for the rest of your life. It would be so boring and uninteresting. People in this modern society would be stuck repeating the same thing over and over, It would be like we are slaves, And we haven’t even discovered every bit of the world yet.

I believe another great reason to keep discovering and developing is we need to, as a race if we didn’t develop we wouldn’t get anywhere, Humans would never evolve and discover things, people wouldn’t have the features you see everyday, you probably wouldn’t be here right now. Why would you not want all these things? We would still think the world is flat if it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus and we wouldn’t know how electricity is conducted if it wasn’t for Benjamin Franklin.

Power and renewable energy is important for our future, Renewable energy provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. It dramatically reduces global warming emissions, improves public health, and provides jobs and other economic benefits. And since most renewable energy don’t require water for cooling, they dramatically reduce the water requirements for power production compared to fossil-fueled power plants.

Oxygen was first discovered by Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He had discovered it by about 1772. Scheele called the gas “fire air” because it was the only known supporter of combustion, and wrote an account of this discovery in a manuscript he titled Treatise on Air and Fire, which he sent to his publisher in 1775. However, that document was not published until 1777. Meanwhile, oxygen was also identified by Joseph Priestly in 1774. Priestly discovered a colourless gas from heated red mercuric oxide. He found this gas was highly combustible. He called it dephlogisticated air. Priestly shared his discovery with the French scientist Antoine Lavoiser. Lavoiser was able to show oxygen supported animal life respiration. If we never discovered oxygen, the moon landing, submarines and many other things wouldn’t be here.

The discovery that fingerprints are unique to each individual, are left behind on objects a person touches and can be lifted off those items is nothing short of miraculous. This discovery completely changed the way that law enforcement conducted investigations. In today’s modern age, Jack the Ripper would eventually be caught. Even though it was 1823 when Jan Evangelista Purkinje noticed how unique our fingerprints are, it took some time for law enforcement to figure out ways to use this knowledge. Today, this discovery is used in everyday police work to stop crime and help society.

Not all discoveries are great, Some may be used for bad things, The legacy of the atomic bomb is mixed: it successfully put an end to World War II, but ushered in the nuclear arms race. Some of the greatest scientists of the time gathered in the early 1940s to figure out how to refine uranium and build an atomic bomb. Their work was called the Manhattan project In 1945, the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tens of thousands of civilians were instantly killed, and Japan surrendered. These remain the only two nuclear bombs ever used in battle. Several of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project later urged the government to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes only. Nevertheless, many countries continue to stockpile nuclear weapons. Some people say the massive devastation that could result from nuclear weapons actually prevents countries from using them.

These were my reasons why i disagree with the statement “Is it sometimes right to prevent scientific development and discovery” i chose to disagree with this statement because i do disagree with it, I hope you enjoyed reading

By Alfie G 9W2S


Diary entry

Dear Diary,

Today I just witnessed a fierce battle between two brutal opponents I had to hide in the bushes, I almost got hit by an arrow, it landed in the green grass, Lightning hit in a flash and thunder roared like a gorilla banging his chest; blood was being spilt everywhere. I felt that any second I would either be hit or stabbed, I could hear swords clashing and cannons firing. Death everywhere. Smoke filling  the air from ever burning fires. all I see is death.

Thanks for reading – Oliver

the the the the best beat slap hello bye why yes no up down eat starve the the t e dance clap eat skip joy be happy please 🙂 enjoy my secret message

Torchwood the futures beginning! (Finished Copy)


As rain floods the sky, lightning strikes,  typical British weather whilst a man in an old fashion coat walks down Cardiff bay, puddles everywhere, in one of those puddles he sees a metal pole with a button on one end, The man in the coat tries to pick it up but a young adult runs up to him and says
“Who do you think you are!”
and snatches it out of his hand. “Captain Jack Harkness, that’s  who I am” says the man in the Vintage coat
“Well do I look like I care”
says the Young Adult and runs off. Jack walks up to the New Torchwood hub and says to himself “That was weird”.
“The Bays probably going to flood again”
Says Jack “Aren’t you worried?” Exclaims Gwen

“Jack what’s wrong?” Shouts Gwen
“Well I has walking back to the hub across the bay and found this futuristic looking pole, but this guy ran up to me and snatched it, its just been bothering me” “Don’t take it to seriously it was just probably something off his car that fell out in this bloody storm”
states Gwen, Jack goes up to one of the newly added Torchwood computers and scans for any alien/future technology, it started to beep rapidly with different notifications stating what technology it is. *Dissolving Water Bottle* *Night-vision contact lenses* Were two of the most common notifications that came up.

The Torchwood base was refurbished not as much equipment as before but a new wall with framed pictures of all the Torchwood members so far, the computers had a crazy upgrade with new glass monitors which were movable, the garage had the new Torchwood Range Rover 2016 edition, Gwen thought it was amazing, she missed the old hub but this one was even better!

Jack and Gwen were panicking they had no clue what was happening, in the old Torchwood hub everything was destroyed so they didn’t know what was being detected at first, but suddenly everything started shaking and then everything stopped and everyone/everything was silent. Gwen ran to the newly upgraded prison to check all the prisoners were in their cell she then shouted
“Jack” And Jack ran down… But there was one problem, there were two Jacks!..

“What the flip!” Shouts Gwen
whilst both Jacks were studying each other. Jack looked the same, still wearing his World War I coat. Gwen asked the Jack from our time
“what’s going on?”
Jack replied confusingly
“I don’t know”
Then the computer network started beeping and throwing notifications saying
“The Earth has connected to a rift in time where future and past may collide”
Both Jacks run up to a monitor and shout “Oh no!!”  then they instantly run up to the rift controller and check the settings and monitor to see the system was fatally down.

The Jack from our time told Gwen to look after the future him whilst he investigated, news reports was everywhere
“Cardiff has stepped into the future!”
Jack saw the man who snatched that metal pole from earlier and stopped him to ask what it was, the man said
“the future!”
and walked away, while Jack could he ran and grabbed the man, he slid cuffs onto the man’s hand and shouted
“You’re Coming with me” then he walked him into the Torchwood hub. He put him down on a chair and searched him for the metal object, he couldn’t find it. Jack started hitting him in rage but Gwen shouted
The man suddenly had a busted lip and a black eye. The man said
“All right,all right The pole is a interceptor that intercepts the rift, I’m an ex Torchwood agent and all I want is Torchwood to Die! “This pole is my way back to freedom, I will destroy Torchwood from this time and bring the future here then Torchwood will be ash”
Jack Grabs the pole but the man shouts
“No! If you destroy it it will mess up the rift, and there will be no future or past!”
Jack grabs the Pole and puts it a box, the box was wooden and had old fashioned writing saying *The unending void* Suddenly the world stopped, everyone went silent  the sound of lightning, thunder and rain stopped… The team ran outside to see the raindrops frozen in mid-air, the bay’s waves of flood stopped, water stopped flowing, fire stopped spreading, everyone could move but the world stopped. Only one team could fix it… Torchwood!

EDIT: Responded to Mr Murray’s Feedback, I have tried to improve what needed improving.


What type of person Karim is.

I think Karim is a person that wants his life and the people around him to improve, he also wants to be very successful so his life is much better. him and his brother may not get along but they both know that they want their family to be safe which includes themselves. so altogether i think that karim is a mature person but wants to be successful and help his family.

Reading log 3

Movie – Captain America the Winter Solider

Captain America the Winter Solider is the second Captain America movie marvel has made, many people think that this is the best marvel movie ever made because it was the movie that leads to the new movie “Avengers Age Of Ultron”.

The movie is about Steve Rogers (Captain America) After he wakes up from being frozen for 70 years which he thinks he can come back and be a solider but its not the same, But he encounters The Winter Solider Which he does not want to kill because they were best friends before he was frozen, But will the Winter Solider kill him?

IMDb have rated this movie 7.8/10

I rate this movie 8.5/10

This is a great movie if your a superhero fan I advise you should watch it!

Reading log 2

  A Boy called Hope!

The book i have currently been reading is called “A boy called hope” the story is about a boy called Dan Hope who keeps a list of things he wants to happen, these are a few of them. he wants to help Sherlock Holmes solve his most daring mystery yet. And if it could be a zombie mystery, all the more exciting. he wants to be the first eleven-year-old to land on the moon.he wants my dog to stop eating the planets from my solar system mobile and throwing them up on the carpet. i think this is a really funny story because it has so many different subjects and there are stories inside of the story if you know what i mean, i would rate this 8/10 and i think one day this should be a play for theatres!





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